S​/​T (Miss The Stars Fest Special Edition)

by The Tidal Sleep



The Tidal Sleep celebrated the 5th anniversary of their 1st record with a special gig at the Miss The Stars Fest IV. The band played the complete record from front to back.

In addition to that – Miss The Stars Records and the band released a special Miss The Stars Vinyl Edition with a new artwork. All profit was donated to Jugend Rettet e.V..

50 copies made.


released May 6, 2017

The artwork was a co-operation between Druckwelle and Christian from KidsArtwork.

Special thanks to This Charming Man-Records


all rights reserved



(We built the world and) miss the stars Berlin, Germany

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records is a small berlin based label and blog for screamo, emotive hardcore and violence.

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Track Name: Serpent Hug
there's this broad road
paved with oak leaves
narrow sidewalks
curbstones like crooked teeth
and yet you run
in slippery shoes
with threadbare soles
to the rythm and blues
the rhythm swings
with the beat and sings
this last years song
a singalong that we sang too long
now on sore feet
next on sore knees
scraping your hands
graveled streets
with bleeding hands
you gather all your stuff
and you leave behind
what never brought you luck
you're dashing from
shadows on
black painted walls
you're reciteing from
your regrets on
a trees unsound bark
you'll never know
when it will show
it's face or rip apart
the connection between your
head and heart
and on that day
just be prepared
and spit the words right at it's face
the words you saved that night that day
and if you raise your voice
you'll might end up with
a synapse that will make you feel quite reliefed
but without a word to say
you will surely end up with
a million others that will leave you standing there
forever in grief
it meant nothing to them
but meant everything to you
before they changed it all again
the rhythm swings
with the beat and sings
this last years song
the rhythm swings on my blues and sings
a singalong that we sang to long
Track Name: Untitled
both hands as blinds before your eyes
to absorb the blinding rays of light
of the early rising morning sun
when the moon turned its back on one
was it meant to fail
was it meant to break
a disturbing scenery
I had to look away
I couldn't see
I couldn't breathe
you twist your limbs
and I turn the sheets
it's such a scary ride I clasp my fingers in my seatbelt
on the passenger side my vision is flawless
except for this cracked windshield "sight" the world's so fast flashing by
I try to hold my head up high
so I can see, observe and successfully abide
what everybody around me calls a meaningful life
met northbound; perfectly aligned
like our bodies; like you and I
they dwell for seconds; hold each other tight
before they part, shut eyes and die
they promise to be one again in time
oh how they wish; oh how they care
not knowing that one of them won't be there
hoping both of them will be there
both hands have shattered
before your eyes
and now they settle as dust
with these sunset skies
Track Name: Derelict
tied to the edges of our skinned costal archs
tripwire taut across two bodies just ain't enough
when shaky hands try to get a grip this time
on a cracked and slippery end we all know how this story begun
and how this story will end
entangled skeletons in this sinking ships' womb
carving names, oh so slow in each others calcium
when they wake for good this ships captains ghost
with the shattering sound of their snapping bones
storms and ship-high waves
we're pushing and pulling railings will fail
you tumble and fall and feel trapped
in a thousand unfamiliar hands
in this oceans saltwater hands
when passion... does not mean to obligate yourself to them
and will never mend or harm derelict hearts in this oceans arms
so better be armed with
something different
than a tin dagger in the sheath
on this sinking ships deck
an anchor, the suction, the rain
like glass on your skin, unrestrained
the bottom, a leak and the sea
stop staring, let go and you'll be free
... we'll be free
everybody will be free
don't try to save
a moment for too long
if someone you shared it with
already passed it on
so refill the glass
one last time
and raise it high
for a toast tonight
to what you've become
a drowning home
when you drift along
towards the coast
on to a shore
of drowned dreams and hopes
now drink up
and please move on
and don't pretend
you're already gone
Track Name: Thrones
I lay down my head in hands
and rest on this thrones cold chest
I hold my breath shut eyes and rest
until red lips turn thin and black
I wake up in cold sweat
cuffed to this thrones armrest
and with my hands both tied
I sharpened those nails on time
close this coffin's lid
beat those nails through it
into these wooden planks
in the rythm of this days end
to the last verse of this song
before my sunset's gone
then bury me here
beneath this dark throne
And let me bleed out lonely
so I can bleed out slowly
I drill my fangs
into soft raw flesh
those dreams turn again
dry sheets soaked wet
though my lungs burn and hurt
I hunt and run for days
to keep this sunset close
instead of miles away
and alive until the end
no regrets about the time
you borrowed me and I
gave away for free again
Track Name: Inkbreath
a pen that bleeds
ink on pale sheets
which morphs to shapes
and gradient fields
into a notebook
I bound in black
embossed with names
of my once summoned saints
but the ones in need
the ones we need
are always coming back
a golden shield
shines and reflects
but wasn't built
to parry all hits
to protect
a vulnerable spirit
in a fragile shell
or a thought in your head
you've never meant to tell
I feel haunted
and I blame everyone around
when I should blame myself instead
for a thousand reasons
which I can find written down in a book I wrote myself
And when I cross the last border
(from the once in need)
and burn this last meaningful bridge
(from the once we need)
I will finish the last chapter
(and they will never ever come back again)
and reach the final page of this manuscript
then I will just close this book...
carve my name in it's spine and dare one last look
and for the memories
of my futures' past
there's this shelf; high enough
for my regrets to rest
Track Name: Ghost Poetry
my body burns out
this city turns it's back on me
let it rain on me
defective copy of myself
I wish I was someone else
turn me into something else
two ghosts trapped on an island
circling this town in the sea
like sharks around bait for years
we're swimming but drifting away
directionless but free
though the storms of our guilt push us back
onto the same shores once again
there's no new shore
no new land to adore
we found us but found nothing
we lost it we lost something
we lost it we lost everything
deep and dark waters
pressure on me
circling this town in the sea
like sharbait's floating for years
we're drowning and drowning and fading away
the surface fades from green to grey
holding on was easier than letting go
the weight of the anchor pulled me under
vicious teeth we're ripping pieces out of me
parts of me that I had hidden oh so well
my lungs burn out
this ships turns away from me
I need wounds stitched
I need wounds ripped open again
so I can bare this again
my blood was becoming the water
and the water my blood
Track Name: Tiburon
I hope you'll remember
and that you don't pull the anchor
too soon
I want to picture a familiar face
at a far and distant place
and I will paint a frame around it and leave it hanging there
waiting and staring
vanishing like the passion of a meaningless fling
but we will rise from the ashes
yes we will resurrect again
just give me some pointers
just throw them at me
just show me a place to calm down
so i can get some rest and peace
I need this now
more than I ever did
and this went somehow
such a different way
It's another act of impatience
and I am shoveling through the blackest soil;
open hands
and both fists are filled with helplessness
and I will nurture our roots
and I don't want to see them die
I only want to see us grow
steady towards the sky
it's such a long-winded path
a complex route
to our common home
a place where I can drown
all those demons that took posession of me
in this small california town
by the sea

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