by Oak



released July 7, 2014


all rights reserved



(We built the world and) miss the stars Berlin, Germany

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records is a small berlin based label and blog for screamo, emotive hardcore and violence.

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Track Name: Prolouge: Modest Hopes
We dreamed of safe havens
As lack of closure ate us from inside
But our eyelids failed us
And nothing ever changed

Alone I re-enact these stories
And only wish to sleep
I remember us from a distance
Still longing for something

Come smile
Come be calm
Come unsettle
Come and be gone
Track Name: Chapter I: Torn Down/Tearing Down
I used to have nightmares
Now they are gone
No dream is worse
Than waking up

I used to dream of unison
Of not walking alone
Right behind you
Now I watch you go

Today it hurts to see everything around me broken
Yesterday it hurt so much that I broke everything my hands could reach

I avoid myself
As no company hurts worse
Track Name: Chapter I: Dust
I tried to erase it
Sought to let it go
Tried to deny myself
But my heart would not negotiate
And my mind is constant warfare

You tried to live just like before
As everyone else
But my mind would not only infect itself

We breathe as to mark our existence
As to put up pictures so adequate
We waltz down the road
As lanterns on lone journeys, screaming

In the end
What we are seems to have little effect on ourselves
But mean a lot to others

Change rushing faces
Into mirrors
Reflecting sacrifice and grace

Let your breeze in
To become a storm
Open wide my doors

Be gone, dust
Be grace, like the cross
Track Name: Chapter I: Roots
You had been living your entire life on your feet
Never able to feel safe
Never given a chance to settle down

Always running for safe harbours
Just to be held in prisons
Never knowing for how long you would be kept
Never knowing when you would be forced to leave

But somehow the days found their way
And you were told
"I've created a way
If you want to you could come with me"
So you ran
Through the fence and over the field
Through night, through day
Then decided to hide
For a second time

When I think of that summer day
Of how you were taken away
My tears are tears of grief and awe
We should have brought ourselves to be your mainstay
But instead you were ours
You kept strong through the day
But in your mind echoed one desperate thought:

Drag my roots out of the mud
And plant them in steady grounds
Track Name: Chapter II: Ash
Rush, be brave
Strike heart again
Ash, inhale, exhale
Speak loud

Unlike yours
My footsteps are not to follow
Unlike me
You fortify the weak

Carry on the wave
Track Name: Chapter II: Haze
I crossed a stream
That some years ago seemed like a river
On the other side I saw a child
Too busy talking with a tree
To notice my passing by

I walked through forests of childhood
Of light-hearted youth
Saw a man carving figures out of pieces of wood
Seemed satisfied
Shining yet distanced

I was about to ask him his story
To understand
As life fell into grey scale
A grey shell

Haze followed the rains
Wiped out all tracks
Unable to trace my steps back or to make a way out
The old man disappeared
And I am left fumbling for change
Track Name: Chapter II: Galanty Shows
Track Name: Chapter III: The World
We have walked for so long
Putting issues and oceans behind us
Noticed each other
After what seemed like a lifetime

Everything changed
You taught me my story
We had much to share
As we grew into one

We fought everything
The world, each other, ourselves
But we never questioned
We never lied

I walk alone now
Perspectives reversed
I chased you when you left me
Now you chase me

So what’s the point of walking side by side
If mountains won’t be crossed

You have gone missing
But you are not lost
You are right behind me
I hope I can force my feet to stop
Track Name: Chapter III: Each Other
We were broken
You more than I
So I gave you what I had left
You gave me all that you had saved
All I needed

We were sewn together
Never made any sense
You held my hands
As I held your heart

You wanted to be free
So you ran away
Leaving holes
leaving us
But when you left it was not our seams
That were broken
Only me

Now you want to fix this
And so do I
But I’ve learned my lesson
I’ll give and give
But never take back
No never take back
Or ever sew

I dare not risk another promise
Another lie
Can’t take the pain
Track Name: Chapter III: Ourselves

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