Miss The Stars - Screamo Sampler III

by (We built the world and) miss the stars



released August 28, 2015


all rights reserved



(We built the world and) miss the stars Berlin, Germany

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records is a small berlin based label and blog for screamo, emotive hardcore and violence.

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Track Name: algae bloom - Thorns (demo)
I wish that my dreams didn't give this garden thorns. And if I thought anything different could exist I'd carve it into the walls of my skull a million times until I went blind inside. But where would I find the ink to paint this picture if I didn't cut my eyes on these spikes every time?
Track Name: I Hate Sex - I Fucking Hate Sports
life's just a pissing contest, and nobody exists on purpose
things might not get any better, but they might get a little easier

you make me feel like a bug who has lived a full life
like a bee who has never had to sacrifice it's stinger

if you have the time, call me when you can

life's just a pissing contest and nobody exists on purpose
if you have no idea where you're going, it's fine
neither does anyone

maybe we could go together
Track Name: You'll Live - If I Could Change This
Tell me everything will be okay
Too soon and too unexpected
Reckless, careless, thoughtless its all my fault
I wish I could tell you how much I hurt
I’m sorry
I wish that I could
Reach across the world
And come to you
I would have saved you
If I could do it all over again
All alone you died that day
Reckless, careless, thoughtless its all my fault
I wish I could tell you how much I hurt
I’m sorry.
Track Name: Boneflower - Unfading
Pain! Pain! Take my hand. Make me whole again.
Grace! Grace! Where’ve you been? Tired eyes, not broken yet.

This time, just you and me and the sunset. The whole city with its lights is waving at us. Our favourite song is playing in the car and we open a bottle for the years that passed and for the days to come. You say how you’ve missed me and I can’t believe I’m seeing you again, so we kiss under the stars, but I don’t know why I’m quite sad so take my hand. Take my hand!

Pain! Pain! Take my hand. Make me whole again.
Grace! Grace! Where’ve you been? Tired eyes, not broken yet.
Track Name: Lost Limbs - Apparatchiks
Will we break, endure or emerge unscathed?
You couldn't change the writing on the wall.
This thoughtless swarm of bodies fly a flag they've never seen.

Put your vision to one side; those dreams creak, bend and shatter as they collide.
The world you know and the one you conceal are only now, through film on skin, becoming real.
We were never meant to see this work, don't need this chance to grow or to learn that sharing more than simply turf can be our chance to show our vision, order and structure- each betrayed by it's inherent lack of depth.
Hoping, wondering; lost, now forgotten in a haze of ire and bile.
Track Name: Reigning Champion - Disposer Poem (Verbs)
This comfort is a distance between us
And future’s silhouette
Shapeless and starving
Life in a small town - a burnt match
An echo from no one to nowhere
A long talk without a sound
When it's over the gold tarnishes in broken streetlights
When it’s over it just feels like nothing happened in this very long and boring dream
(nothing is higher than your towers of ignorance)
I didn't run you went away
The King in blue crown of gas flame
I didn't run but you went away
In the armor of old furniture and linoleum floors
Track Name: Foxmoulder - Shame
I held onto nothing,
Because it always kept me safe.
So I buried myself,
With fear and guilt.
Straight washed shame,
I buried myself.
Scratch and tear at your wounds,
Scratch and tear to rebuild.
Scratch and tear at the albatross around my neck.
This shame ends here,
My gender, my body, my home.
This shame ends here.
Track Name: Trembling Hands - Monarchs
Nothing left for me. The shadows lower their veil around my mind. Every corner turned and each possibility lost. I'm searching for a way, all in vain, but what else can i do?

Take my hand and we'll lead this city into ruins. I am tired of being torn apart while trying to be whole again. Hear this useless plea and reach for my hand.

I rather not think about it. I can only hope that you would notice, this is not for us. I still pretend you heard it but we both know that, this is not for us. I still wish someone else would feel it. And maybe then you would feel it and you would notice.

Let them see a softer spot and they will get you with no way out. The only advice i can give, don't let them know you have a heart. This is not what i had in mind for either of us. Close the door when i leave and let the wolves know I'm home.
Track Name: Ennui - Giacomo
Ho ancora il vizio di farmi male e da solo combattere tutte le mie battaglie sorridendo a denti stretti ad ogni mio nemico, senza mostrar sofferenza

Continuerò finchè ti sentirò dentro di me. Nelle mie ossa. Nella mia testa. L'adrenalina che resta quando son steso a terra

Guardando il cielo con le lacrime agli occhi ancora ti cerco. Combatto. Mi faccio male. E sorrido
Track Name: moro - Col du Tourmalet
- ! - trigger warning - The lyrics of this song and the liner notes are dealing with rape culture, sexism and oppression. You can read more about the idea and intention in the song information. Please be careful. Thank you. - ! -

hey, du bist ja ganz alleine hier

es ist doch nur
ein kompliment
ganz nett gemeint
und überhaupt

du sprichst nicht an
du trittst mit füßen
überschreitest grenzen

das ist kein kompliment
sie ist nicht empfindlich
sondern nur ein gegenstand für dich

und wir beschränken auf geschlecht
auf irgendwelche attribute
denken mehr an schönheit
als an respekt
mehr an macht
als an grenzen

so kann sich niemand sicher fühlen
nirgendwo, an keinem ort
und hell kann auch die hölle sein

ihr lebt von dieser angst?
euch beseelt diese macht?

manchmal kommt mir vor
als wären wir alleine hier
und überall nur windmühlen
oder arschlöcher
in machtstrukturen

lasst uns bewusstsein schaffen

- liner notes -
Rape culture is only made possible by structural violence based in sexism. There are male persons who call themselves "pick-up-artists" and who try to sleep with as many women as possible. They hurt feelings, lower self-respect and self-confidence and take away the victims' feeling of safety. To get close to a woman, men often ignore boundaries to make a first "move". They choose women because of some beauty standards or simply because of the fact that they are women, thus reducing them to objects. They profit from power structures and try to maintain them.
Track Name: Storm{O} - Supernova
Costretto a rapportarmi con me stesso,
dopo tutte queste ore i muscoli esausti non sorreggono il peso dei pensieri che si susseguono violenti.
Due parti dello stesso corpo che non possono che essere in conflitto.
Se fossi qui mi addormenterei sorridendo tra le tue braccia,
senza accorgermi che,
ancora una volta,
ho solo finto di essere felice.
Forced to face myself,
After all these hours my strained muscles can't sustain the weight of the flow of my violent thoughts.
Two parts of the same body that can't help it from being in conflict.
If you were here I´d fall asleep in your arms,
without noticing that,
one more time,
I only pretended to be happy.

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