Miss The Stars - Screamo Sampler

by (We built the world and) miss the stars



Thanks a ton to all the amazing bands.

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released November 16, 2013


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(We built the world and) miss the stars Berlin, Germany

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records is a small berlin based label and blog for screamo, emotive hardcore and violence.

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Track Name: Ugly Cuts - Dan Kelley: An American Story
Take me for granted, it's all that I'm good for.
Close my eyes and count back from ten; as you left I remembered wanting to say "I wish things would've stayed the same". And I cant help but wonder "am I okay here?. Don't expect and answer when you ask me why
I hate everything
Laying on the floor
Wishing it would end
It's hard to admit (to myself) that I miss everyone, I miss everything.
So beautiful, the way it all fell apart in the end. So humble, the way the light made our tears gleam.
I insist that I've forgotten, but nothing could be further from the truth; my dreams still consist of only you.
Track Name: Youth Funeral - Lovesick
Can't seem to find the will to face how I feel. Broken sleep, broken dreams. Broken sleep has broken me down. Nights sick with paranoia. Trembling at the thought of your loss. Dreams— black and vile— coat my mind in shade. I'd give anything to be rinsed of this pain. I will never be at peace.
Track Name: Chuck Bass - Dare A Leap, Man
Strengths in numbers, a false assumption
for what it's worth, I am disappointed
The marginalization of our friendships
is the result of our own apathy

Moved by the lights, misguided into wrong directions
we never learned to love, we never learned to love
moved by the lights, misguided into wrong directions
we never learned to love, we never learned to love this life

Boredom. Call all your Friends!
Boredom. Call all your Fans!
Call all your Friends!

Track Name: Marais - "was macht nordberg in detroit​?​"
verborgenstes, gedankenverloren
ich schreibe zu und ziehe ab, je nach belieben. gefühle aus dem ursprung, unteilbar, einheitlich für mich, andererseits zweiheit, für mich und für dich, getrenntes band. spürbarer verlust von nähe in jeder kommunikation, die entzweit, die im leerlauf sich einpendelt, einrasten muss!

wir erfassen das gespräch als lösend, auch wenn es nur wieder zwei welten auf verschiedene mauerseiten stellt. die unglücklichen werden zuletzt gewählt.

weil er er war, weil ich ich war.
Track Name: Guillemet - 773
we define ourselves by what they're not. we end where they begin. we fall and rise again. i've been holding onto nothing, hoping to find a world that's this kind. is there anyone who shares my state of mind? we end where they begin. we fall and rise again. some demises last, when we can only see the past. we can only see the past and one another. we can only see the past and love one another.
Track Name: Desert Afternoon - Cammelli fertili, deserto mobili
Corri, corri, corri.
Insisti, dicevi,
sembrava davvero che ci credessi.
Che ci credesse.
Poi, quando l'hai chiesto,
ho risposto quel che avrei voluto sentirmi dire:
che ci sarebbe sicuramente di meglio.
a rincorrere gioie, accumulare noie.
Non è sempre così facile trovare un nuovo obiettivo.
Track Name: Rainmaker - Rather Die Young, Than Die Young At Heart
Don't be afraid and let all this go
There is no such a thing as gender roles
No codes to follow according to
Whether you were born ,
With a vagina or a sack of balls
Rules, roles and codes are here to be abolished
So go ahead and become who you really are,

Fuck the stigmas and the white-trash diagnoses.
Fuck your misogynist culture and shitty traditions
Fuck acting according to your leg-in-betweeners
Fuck following a set of rules they taught you to follow
Fuck being the provider or the provided
Not here to please partners but here to please myself
There ain't no colour shades in our world
'Cause everything you offer is just black, black, black

Whoever you are, don't undergo their oppression,
The only person you should live up to is yourself
Never let them silence you!
Track Name: Collusion - Imperfect Perfectionism
I wrote this before,
On a parchment with a quill,
And your blood as my ink,
Leaving you dry.

So you want me to dissipate,
In such quiet evaporation.
I'll dissolve, I'll dissolve,
Into something you disapprove.
Track Name: Øjne - Glasgow
Odio la città in cui non sono mai stato,
l'estate in cui sono rimasto qui,
i giorni che mi sono perso,
perso tra il dare per scontato
e l'amore per l'attuale.
Tra le canzoni che ascoltiamo
solo perchè ci ricordano qualcuno.
Rileggiti tra un anno e capirai
che non è servito a niente.
Riascoltati tra un anno e scoprirai
che è cambiato tutto.
E' già passato, è già successo
scorri l'innocenza come fosse un libro
scritto due volte, scritto tre volte,
ma sempre uguale.
L'hai più ascoltata quella canzone
che ti ricordava di me?
Io tengo ancora le parole e quelle foto e tutto..
Non volevo arrivare a questo,
non volevo rinnegare me stesso,
non volevo bruciare il resto
ma l'ho fatto nonostante tutto.
Rileggiti tra un anno e capirai
che non è servito a niente.
Riascoltati tra un anno e scoprirai
che è cambiato tutto.


I hate the city I've never been to,
the summer I remained here,
the days I've missed,
lost between taking for granted
and loving the present.
Between songs we listen to
only 'cause they remind us of someone.
Read yourself again in one year
and you'll understand it was all useless.
Listen to yourself again in one year
and you'll find out everything has changed.
It's already gone, it's already happened
sift through innocence as if it were a book
written twice, written thrice
but it always stays the same.
Have you ever listened again to that song
that reminded you of me?
I still keep the words, and those pictures, and everything..
I never wanted it to come to this,
I never wanted to betray myself,
I never wanted to burn everything else,
but I did, nevertheless.
Read yourself again in one year
and you'll understand it was all useless.
Listen to yourself again in one year
and you'll find out everything has changed.
Track Name: Ma Catharsis Et La Mort - Shine a Light, Guide Me Home
I was blind to see
what you didn't want to hear
concerned and trying desperately
I've sunk all by myself
sickness and weakness that feed us
(we feed them)

Empty vacant eyes of windows poked out
like ghost looking outside
looking at the wasteland

They teach us that dreams
dreams they come true
but forget to mention that nightmares are dreams too

And I'm not fighting
letting myself drown
cause it will never be the same thing as it was once before
so I'm quitting this sickness
putting away the gloves
and now I'm leaving peacefully
can't take anymore
Track Name: Virginia On Duty - Cephalus
narrow minded, these humans are
incited it from all false,do you think that they are all false?,pointing to the sky with splendor, i think these are all nonsense
open the minds of all people, say these words aloud, say these words aloud, we need the freedom to be free to think, free to think broadly, think broadly

don't let yourself be so judgmental, don't let yourself be so judgmental
careless of educated people
careless of sharing ideas with all, nothing will disover, something that is not true at all. stay in silence, see nothing, hear something that is not true at all.
Track Name: Totem Skin - Kargt Landskap
Awakened by the sweeping cold
Your eyes are slowly opening
Where are you, how did you get here?

Your hands are rugged and old, your joints stiff, your vision blurry
Whose body is this?

All the time in the world is what you had
All the time in the world to ponder
All the time in the world to yourself

Drunken from despair
Selfhatred flows through your veins
Drowned in your defeats
This barren landscape stands as gallows

Faults are what define you
You wonder where the time went
Where your friends disappeared
Where you lost all that's important

Time is your memories
Time is your sorrows
Time is your sins
Time is your death

A shadow is all you have left
A shadow of your former self
You're tired and want to sleep,
So lay down your head and close your eyes

You will forget everything
You will never wake up
Track Name: Svffer - Misfit
Masquerades, loneliness
While depressions awake
Suffocate, devotional
Cursed by strangers who stayed
Masquerades, overdressed
In depressions which stayed
Understand foolishness
Oberserved by no one who cared
Lost in rooms
So nameless – shameless
Dark eyes gloom
So nameless – painless

Your innocent cruelty your insanity
Your innocent memory
It's called insanity
Track Name: FlowersxOfxCarnage - Hack/Slash
hearts, dreams, hopes and desires
collapse, converge
sentient paradigms shifting thru time
coalesce, complete

what we destroy, we will rebuild
what we rebuild, we will destroy

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