Demo 2013 Tape

by FlowersxOfxCarnage



Co-Release with Mustard Mustache (

Limited to 50 copies


released July 27, 2014


all rights reserved



(We built the world and) miss the stars Berlin, Germany

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records is a small berlin based label and blog for screamo, emotive hardcore and violence.

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Track Name: Prototype
dead in the eyes

take everything, give nothing back
deface everything, and leave no one intact

dead in the eyes
Track Name: Dead End
sunk into clouds of inertia
our worlds are all painted bleak
blankets of nothingness
pockets of hopelessness
my words, your words
they struggle to speak

lines drawn, self taught, fences and walls

as we fragment thru mental terrains
my words, your words
they struggle to speak
Track Name: Fail-Safe
as we engage
this dance of deterrence
we choose to defend or to burn
regress, trace the wounds, regress
there is comfort in all deprivation

remission, self deconstruction
entrancing this callous disease
escape, seek cover, escape
enforced to believe, left to decay

senses severed, witness the wreckening
this hydra brings blood soaked breath
nearing summation, ignition of flames
embracing the end, and stand ablaze

i will submit, i surrender
cut open, on my knees
my failures, i will remember

i will submit, i surrender
descending into my deepest abyss
ill end this
ill bury you with me
Track Name: Engine
the faithful face forward
all ships are overturned
limbless, drowning
to breathe and to learn

mapping the reasons
contriving more walls
our friends, our foes
ensnared in it all

still, its more or its less
remain, devise and exist
deciphering signs for this journey

the grass is not greener

often not
Track Name: Hack / Slash
hearts, dreams, hopes and desires
collapse, converge
sentient paradigms shifting thru time
coalesce, complete

what we destroy, we will rebuild
what we rebuild, we will destroy

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